It is a postcode system for Ghana. GhCode has 7 to 8 alphanumeric code developed to reflect Ghana's cities and towns form, image, complexities, dynamics and future growth patterns and potentials. Its uses vary from properly identifying citizens, properties and places to navigating from place A to B. It is also used to undertake a variety of analysis for informed decision making.

GhCode Polygons

This is the GhCode boundaries created for the development of GhCode.This can be used for targeted marketing profiling and any other analytical task to suit business needs. They are available for licensing.

GhCode With Street Names, House Numbers and Organisations

This dataset integrates the GhCode database with street naming and numbering. It also includes names of organisation, businesses, NGOs, government agencies etc.

GhCode Navigation Data

GhCode is suitable for navigation purposed especially car sat navs. On request the GhCode can be converted to any format required to assist any navigational needs.